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100% of all donations go directly to our projects!

You can choose to directly invest in our projects or provide an unrestricted amount allowing us to allocate them where they are mostly needed. Remember, by donating monthly you ensure long term support for children in need!

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Educational Sponsorships

By donating £35 you will sponsor an enrolment kit, including tuition fees, a school bag, uniform and shoes, as well as stationery and notebooks, to guarantee a child in The Gambia access and continuation with their education for a whole academic year.

Donate to our Sponsorship Project

Water for Schools

We work with local communities to provide safe water and hygiene facilities to reduce absenteeism, promote health and provide a healthy learning environment to help children learn. 

Donate to our Water for Schools Project

Electricity Projects

Almost 60% of Gambians do not have access to electricity, with rural communities like the one we operate in lacking even the most basic access to electricity. This means no lights, no heating during the rainy season, no power for computers, no internet or modern learning resources. We work with local communities and businesses to provide cost-effective solar-powered electricity to schools.

Donate to our Lighting Up Schools Project


Unrestricted funding

We are currently run by a group of dedicated but unpaid volunteers and unrestricted funding will help us cover the essential running and operational costs, build a strong team to deliver more for our causes and make our revenue sustainable.