Kerewan Sitokoto and Chamen Schools

Both schools are the only two schools in the Nianija District and are in desperate need of maintenance, access to basic resources and school supplies, and further development.

In order to enhance the learning environment, improve access and retention in these schools, and, at least in part, alleviate rural hardship, we plan a myriad of interventions around the following:  

  • Lack of electricity: our aim is to install solar panels to meet the need for  electricity at both schools. 
  • No sanitation or running water: this causes water-borne diseases such as malaria, cholera and typhoid. We will be implementing “WASH” programmes to ensure that safe drinking water is provided as well as adequate sanitation facilities. 
  • Inadequate school buildings: the patching up and repairing of leaking roofs as well as plastering of bare walls, turning the unsafe, poor learning environments into safe and suitable places of learning. 
  • Lack of basic supplies and stationery: we will provide school equipment, classroom supplies, chairs, tables, books, educational materials, and more to ensure our students have everything they need to learn successfully.
  • Difficulties attracting qualified teachers due to limited financial resources and unattractive living conditions.
  • Poor transportation infrastructure leading to problems of access and student retention. 
  • Curriculum weaknesses related to limited school resources.
  • Negligible leisure and play equipment, areas and/or activities.
  • Rural marginalisation due to challenges around resources allocation when engaging education bureaucracies.
  • Poverty and its negative spillover effects: malnourishment as well as families’ inability to afford direct and indirect cost of schooling.
  • Cultural challenges that see children being excluded from education participation, for example due to caring responsibilities, to support family or early marriage.


The below images of the schools just go to show how much work we have to do.  Please help us change the status quo by donating today.