Kerewan Sitokoto, Palleleh and Charmen Schools

We support 3 schools that provide education to over 1000 children living in some of the most rural and poorest communities in The Gambia. 

All 3 schools are in desperate need of maintenance, access to basic resources, school supplies, and further development.

In order to enhance the learning environment, improve access and retention in these schools, and, at least in part, alleviate rural hardship, we provide a myriad of interventions around the following:

 Learning Materials

As part of our effort to reduce the negative effects of families’ inability to afford schooling, we will continue to offset costs by providing educational materials so that our students can get an education and have everything they need to learn!


Lighting up Schools

Our aim is to install solar panels to meet the need for electricity!


Water for Schools

We will provide students with access to clean and safe water and sanitation facilities to reduce water-borne diseases as part of our effort to keep students healthy, happy and ready to learn!


Food Security

All of the children that we support come from impoverished families where food is often in short supply. That is why we finance school feeding programs to make sure kids have enough to eat to learn successfully and develop both physically and mentally.